Wikipedia Consulting

When was the last time you were looking for information about a company and you did not first navigate to the respective Wikipedia article?

Wikipedia is the number one source for information about companies. It is important that all information is accurate and the company is adequately represented.

The Wikipedia community is critical towards the involvement of companies and company edits by employees. In order to participate as an employee of a company, the right approach is crucial to avoid accusations of manipulation.

Interim-Manager Georg Lamerz


Often companies would like to add facts to their article, delete incorrect information or participate in removing unsightly banners.

I support you in contributing to your company’s Wikipedia article in a strategical way and on the basis of the Wikipedia policies and guidelines.

My Services

  • Detailed analysis of company articles
  • Support in defining goals
  • Developing an editorial calendar
  • Research content and sources
  • Preparation in creating a Wikipedia account
  • Continuous coordination of content
  • Monitoring

Wikipedia Workshop

Learn in a tailored workshop the principles of Wikipedia, how to solve problems, and what you should pay attention to in order to successfully become a sustainable part of the Wikipedia community.


  • Analysis of the Wikipedia article(s) of the company
  • Research content and sources
  • Individual preparation of workshop content

Workshop Day

  • Training in the use of Wikipedia
    (basics, pitfalls, tips and tricks)
  • Joint definition of goals
  • Establish a Wikipedia account and an implementation plan