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Post-merger integration

Mergers and acquisitions create great opportunities for companies. At the same time, they involve risks. If problems arise during the integration, the expected synergies may not be achieved, and financial losses may result.

For post-merger integration, building trust quickly and convincing employees from both sides is critical.

Communicate directly and openly

Especially in times of high uncertainty, you build trust through personal communication. Inform about your plans and the next steps in employee meetings or business sessions, followed by further details in smaller personal conversations. If no concrete measures can be disclosed, openly address this, give indications and communicate the next process steps.

The more concrete you are, the more likely you are to contain fears and rumors.

In addition, the information should come from the top management. Statements about the future or strategy always have the highest credibility if they are communicated by the people who decide them.

Keep employees up to date

Talk to employees about new developments at regular intervals. Keep on repeating the most important messages and affirm that the statements made so far hold.

Successfully merging two companies can only be successful in the long term through close cooperation at all levels. I support you as an interim manager to overcome resistance through communication and assist your communications team to reduce the workload.

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