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Why interim management?

Businesses need to adapt to a changing world faster and faster. This usually happens through operational restructuring or by even transforming entire businesses or through market consolidation in the form of mergers and acquisitions.

In such phases of upheaval, one of the most important tasks for the corporate communications department is to get everybody on board – both internal and external stakeholders. In order to be able to do this professionally, additional resources are often temporary needed; interim managers, who have extensive experience and help handling the increased workload.

In addition, interim managers fill the gap when companies have open positions to fill. Finding good people for a job is not always easy. Interim managers can immediately jump in and decrease the workload of the corporate communications team.

Where is the difference to external consultants or normal employees?

Interim managers are much more involved in the company's operational processes than external consultants. They feel the pulse of the company. At the same time, they have enough distance for a critical, holistic assessment and advice. In addition, good interim managers feel connected to the company and act solely in their interests. There is no pressure to sell more services.

Compared to employees, interim managers are free of workplace politics. They can jump in flexibly and at short notice and – most importantly – have many years of experience and a high expertise.

How much does an interim manager cost?

Daily rates of interim managers vary according to experience. In communications, they usually range from 700 to 1500 euros. As a rule of thumb, the daily rate is just over 1 percent of the annual gross salary of a comparable permanent employee. However, companies do not pay any ancillary labor costs, bonus payments, sickness payments or vacation time. In contrast to consultancies, interim managers are usually cheaper because they do not calculate in overhead costs.

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